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Ashlyn’s Bio

Ashlyn has a diverse background in strategic planning, media buying, public relations, social media, and event planning. With a multi-faceted background, she offers unique insight into connecting brands with consumers in the digital realm.She has an infectious passion for communication — a passion that has led to work with local and national clients within the tourism, entertainment & arts, hospitality, nonprofit and retail industries, among others.
“My career has organically developed in the area digital marketing. I especially love the value social media channels bring to my clients. Plus, it’s an ever-changing medium that continually pushes me to stay curious and keep learning.”

Jenee’s Bio

Jenée Naquin has been creating and curating content before creating and curating content was even a thing. Trained as a graphic designer in 2002, then a handbag designer in 2004, the world of digital marketing was a natural segue because of its ability to convey stories and branding through imagery. Her passion for storytelling and visual content curation started with a personal blog launched in 2010. An early enthusiast of blogging and social media lead her to create blog and social content for the brands she was designing. With a keen eye for aesthetics and charming storytelling she now pursues digital marketing through JSQ Digital. She’s also an active contributor to blogs about fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Some Fun Facts about Digital Marketing
75 %
The percentage of Instagram users who take action (like visiting a website) after looking at an Instagram ad.
434 %
How much your chances of being ranked highly on Google go up when you have a blog on your site.
93 %
The percentage of shoppers whose buying decisions are influenced by social media.
3800 %
Email Marketing's ROI (Return on Investment).
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