EDUARDO GARZA – from West Elm to Bergdorf

I never knew I could love sculpture until I discovered Eduardo Garza’s work. Many years ago we met at a dinner party in Bushwick and I was in his studio before dessert could be served. Like a true artist, found objects in nature were scattered about waiting to become fine works of art. Other pieces were almost complete and Eduardo picked up every small element and read them to me like a storybook.

Since then I have watched his art find its way into Bergdorf Goodman and onto the pages of prestigious décor publications. His most recent collaboration with West Elm (owned by William Sonoma) is one of the most exciting, as it will make Eduardo’s masterpieces available to many more people across America, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. (More of Eduardo’s Bio) He can take a menacing object and with his unique aesthetic turn it into an “object of desire” – for instance, his Golden Skull with a Crystal Crown and Replica Alligator skull. His use of warm metals and the application of precious stones makes this like jewelry for your home.

When you don’t have room for another RSVP to your arm party, just put your Eduardo Garza jewels atop you lamps, mantles and bedside tables. Every home should be filled with love and each piece he creates is filled with just that.

Eduardo at Work placing a finial atop a lamp.
Lapis Lazuli Finials

More in Eduardo’s Own Words

JSQ: What is your occupation and how did you get into this field?

EG:   Artist. Thank God I was born an artist!

JSQ: Where do you live?

EG: I live in New York City where I find all my inspiration.

JSQ: What are you working on now?

EG:  As soon as I finish sculpting the collection for Bergdorf Goodman in NY  I will focus on a group of large sculptures that I am making for an art gallery show.

JSQ: (sitting on the edge of my chaise longue !!!) Can you tell me  more about these large sculptures???

EG:   For that you must come visit my new studio so that I can show you in person, Jenée Sais Quoi!!!

Pieces from the West Elm Collection
Pieces from the West Elm Collection

JSQ: Do you have a piece from your collection (new or old) that you think everyone should own? like a real classic that would be beautiful for every home and for every taste?

EG: The pulls and knobs that I individually hand make transform any piece of furniture and any room into something really spectacular. I continually get orders from architects and interior designers for their clients’ drawers, cabinets and even doors. These decorative elements are like expensive shoes – they make a simple t-shirt and jeans look good.

Amethyst Pulls (lime shown for size reference 😉
Krypto Pullers

JSQ: What do you listen to while you create?

EG:   I always listen to inspiring lectures online while I work.  Right now I have been focusing on history, neuroscience and astronomy.

JSQ: What is your first fashionable memory?

EG:  Since I was a kid I have been interested in stones, metals and shapes.  Looking through the pages of Vogue I remember being fascinated by all the jewelry designs I saw.

JSQ: Even when a person says they are not “into” fashion, they are still making fashion choices by buying clothes and  choosing a daily look (simple or not). What is your personal style?

EG: My fashion style is based on comfort since I am always working. Some call it “NORMCORE”

JSQ: HAHAHAHAH I just posted a picture on instagram of me wearing a sweatshirt with turtleneck and someone commented #normcore. I had to look it up!!

JSQ: Je ne Sais Quoi is about having “that certain something special” – What is that certain something special for you?

EG:  When I see genuine kindness in others, that person has “that je ne sais quoi”

JSQ: Many people Love quotes. Is there a quote or quotes that you live by?

EG: “All we are is dust in the wind.”

JSQ: How appropriate.

Gold Plated replica Alligator skull
Decorative Boxes
Book Ends
Napkin Rings: (L) 24K Gold Leaf w/ Turquoise (C) 24K Gold Leaf w/ Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli (R) 24K Gold Leaf w/ Pink Agate